Self Mastery Co

Junior Copywriter (PT)

Las Vegas, NevadaRemote
About the Job
At Self Mastery Co. we take pride in always evolving and growing as a company, while providing the world’s best content in the specialties Owen, Julien, Jeffy and Madison have developed for over 20 years, which have proven to help millions of people throughout that time.

For years, we’ve devoted ourselves to provide this content through the world’s top social media platforms, and today we’re looking to expand our reach by hiring an elite junior copywriter. This is an amazing opportunity for someone to further their career by creating copy under the direction of our CMO for the products and services we offer; and by being around instructors and staff with an ever-expanding mindset who push themselves constantly to keep providing the best results for our clients.

A very important aspect of the role is a deep understanding of our mission, our products and services and a willingness to adapt to the company culture. Someone who is deeply committed, responsible, and is willing to work with the team on any required changes for maximum conversions. You should also be highly motivated, a self starter and be able to work on deadlines, as well as being a great communicator. We believe the person with these qualities shares our own values of hard work and growth, and we expect someone in this role to be the same.

Your Responsibilities:
  • Writing clear and error-free, grammatically correct copy for several emails daily and an occasional long form copy in the English language.
  • Consistently consuming instructors’ content (on Social Media) and programs (within our members area) to deeply understand the offers and who we solve problems for.
  • Consistent, proactive market research on our ideal customer. You’ll be granted monitored access to our groups and members area to learn what they say and how they behave.
  • Consistent tracking, reporting and improvement of your own metrics (Included but not limited to Open Rates, CTRs, AB testing) ; as well as consistent reporting of the content consumed plus market research done for the week.
  • Meet upon request with the CMO and staff to understand their message, the company’s brand voice and target audience.
  • As expected, you will be responsible for providing results (namely: conversions) by creating compelling copy and carrying out marketing campaigns once they are approved.
  • Contribute to the strategies for campaigns to maximize results.
  • Being able to take the creative direction and technical information from the company and turn it into persuasive copy concepts.
  • Collaborating with the marketing departments to brainstorm and develop a variety of marketing materials.
  • Edit and modify copy upon request to increase conversion.

  • English language fluency – written and verbal.
  • Experience in the Self Help niche.
  • Proven track record of highly converting emails (proof required to be considered).
  • At least one letter or video recommendations will be given a higher priority.
  • Fully believes in our culture and mission.
  • Works well under pressure and is committed to meeting deadlines
  • Has a deep commitment to constantly by improving previous results.
  • Fantastic communication skills.
  • Availability to make sporadic changes to the content as needed throughout the week
  • A passion for writing
  • Self starter and highly motivated
  • Salary: trial salary for the first 60 days, and performance based after.

  • Availability to work in the Time Zones of the United States.
  • Someone who has benefited and improved their life through our content preferred.
After applying below, please submit your letter or video recommendation and proof of conversions to (sharing Google Drive is acceptable).